Saturday, 13 July 2013


We spent four days in Copenhagen staying in a fantastic apartment on Nansengade.  It was a beautiful apartment belonging to a family of 4 who took the opportunity to spend a week up on the coast while we rented their place.  There was such a great feel to the home and we enjoyed just hanging out there, cooking meals and playing in the communal garden, 5 floors below.  It was close to the Norreport station and in total a 15minute train ride from the airport, door to door.  Everything in Copenhagen was within walking distance.
We did a canal tour on the first day to get our bearings.  Copenhagen is such a beautiful fusion between old and new.  
We especially enjoyed the Playhouse, by architects Lundgaard & Tranberg, where we were privy to an informal opera in the foyer as part of their summer festival.  Z thought it was absolutely hilarious and couldn't quite understand why boys would really want to sing like that??  So seduced by the building and the sunshine we ate lunch at Cafe Ofelia overlooking the harbour.
We landed in town at the same time as the Jazz Festival so the streets were awash with roaming performers & crowds of people at the many stages scattered about the city. We watched a great performance by the Reverend Shine Snake Oil co. outside the Rundetaarn. We also spent a gorgeous afternoon in the Kings Garden (Kongens Have) surrounding Rosenborg Castle listening to a free concert while playing yatzee amidst the sun loving Danes. It was pretty blissful and Z was in his element grooving to the tunes with me while the LF took a nap and rested his weary foot.
The Copenhagen Sand Sculpture Festival was also on along Havengade featuring 30 international artists & 17 sands cultures.  Some as large as 10 meters tall and built from 3000 tons of sand.  They were all based on theme 'Mythes & Legends' and detailed some very interesting viewpoints on current society!
The Tivoli Gardens were so beautiful.  It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and more like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory than an amusement park. We took our own picnic and spent an evening here reliving our childhood.  The LF and I taking it in turns to ride the roller coasters with the Z man, who has developed an insatiable thirst for fast rides.  He definitely inherited my thrill seeking tendencies and not the LF's tummy turning nauseousness when it comes to adventure parks.  I wanted to ride on the tallest carousel in the world but unfortunately the Z man was about 10cm's off riding this and as I had a companion ticket I couldn't go it alone. It's definitely on the bucket list.
We took a stroll around the Botanical Gardens, ate breakfast at Kalaset conveniently located on our street, enjoyed the bounty on offer at TorvehallerneKBH a brilliant international market eatery around the corner from our apartment, made an obligatory stop in at the Marimekko store, walked the many pedestrian shopping strips (which reminded me a lot of Dublin) and visited little independent stores down around Laederstraede.  I had to close my eyes and keep walking past some amazing clothing stores, not much more can fit in that suitcase of mine. I wanted to bring back a set of Malene Helbak's Fjord inspired cylindrical jars.  I took an evening stroll, while the boys were at home resting, along Sortedams So and up through Norrebro.  The light a this time of day was stunning (9.30-10pm) and the people on the streets were full of good cheer and salutations.  It made me so happy. I know it sounds like a cliche but it was one of those moments that lingers with you for a lifetime.  Everything was perfect, in that moment.  

Oh, Copenhagen.  We leave you with wallets lighter and hearts larger. xx

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Bruise Mouse said...

It all sounds so blissful. So many amazing experiences that you all have to share. Yatzee in the park. Fabulous.
I hope you managed to smuggle some of those canisters into the luggage. Souvenir yet practical. I think that's enough of a justification.

Melinda Melou said...

That was my argument exactly BM..... still didn't cut it. May have had something to do with a sore ankle and the thought of lugging my heavy suitcase?! Lucky for online! xx


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