Friday, 28 June 2013

Loving Paris life

Our time in Paris is coming to an end. Boo hoo.  We have definitely found our mojo in the last couple of days. We were discussing yesterday at breakfast how a month here.....or six, would be great.  There are so many small back streets to explore.  Every arrondissement has a completely different feel and it is  just so incredible to get lost wondering the streets watching the stylish Parisians going about their day.

A trip to Disney Paris was a bit of a highlight for the kids (ahem, for the parents it's a 'nightmare').  There were a couple of rides we all totally enjoyed but on the whole there is way too much time spent queuing for rides....even when you do 'Fastpass'.  I would hate to see what this place is like in 'peek' season....something to be avoided at all costs, I imagine.  If you do go, I recommend the Start Tour motion simulator and the Big Thunder Mountain for a bit of a thrill.  I couldn't stop laughing through both rides. Pure terror and excitement!

We spent an afternoon at the Jardin D'Acclimation in Paris.  In my opinion I would skip Disneyland and take the kids here for something more authentically French.  If the sun is shinning it's the perfect place to take a picnic and spend a day.  There are deck chairs for the adults to kick back and fall asleep in.   Even if you don't want to pay for rides there is a flying fox and a ton of swings, plus loads of room to run wild.  If you like a fast ride be sure to steer clear of the steam train!

In true Parisian style the Eiffel Tower  was closed due to a 'Social Dispute' which was a bit of a bummer.   We had rebooked tickets online.  The conditions were perfect for a visit to the top of the tower.  Blue skies and no wind, something we have seen little of while here in Paris. We took a rather touristy cruise along the Siene instead which was a great way to get some perspective and keep the kids entertained while we sat down for an hour!

There was an amazing meal in St Germain consisting of soufflé for main & dessert.  I had a fish soufflé with chorizo and artichoke (sounds a little hideous but it was so good) to start and a incredibly rich & delicious chocolate soufflé for dessert.  Such a treat.  I took me back to my childhood.  My mum used to make incredible soufflés for weeknight dinners.

There was a visit to Musee d'Art Moderne to see the huge Robert Delauney's which was a highlight for me.  I love the work of both Robert and his wife Sonja
the Louvre...oh the Louvre...there's only so much time you can spend there with 3 kids and a thousand other people to navigate.  Our visit was somewhat short and sweet.  Mainly to prevent us being kicked out (there were skids along long corridors and inappropriate activities a-plenty);  
a night tour of the Eiffel Tower....once it reopened...two days later.  It really was magical by night ....aside from the queues inside the tower again!! (Paris what is with the queuing?.....Notre Dame also has insanely ridiculous queues); 
a girls shopping sojourn with Ange. I must admit it was a relief to hit the streets for an afternoon without the kids in tow; 
the gypsies who kept us entertained and on our toes!; 
the fantastic food market in the back alley way of the Marais Le Marche des Enfants Rouges this was one of those golden finds....completely by surprise; 
true hot chocolates at the Cafe Charlot
So much more but I'm running out of time.  We are leaving today for Berlin and I've promised Z a trip to the magic shop before we take off.  So I must fly.

Thanks to the Thomas family for a truly memorable time here in Paris.  Enjoy the rest of your trip guys  and see you back in Melbourne.....met milk!  xxxx

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