Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Viking good time in Oslo.

It was hard to cull all of my photos from Oslo for this post. There were so many wonderful things about this city I'd love to share here but.... the above will suffice... for now.

We were invited to the most incredible lunch at A's sisters. They live in one of the most beautiful streets in Oslo. Aud cooked everything without onion or garlic for the L.F. and my, what a spread she put on. It was to die for. The food, the apartment and the hospitality! We were totally in love with everything about this place and the people. Thank you A & T for showing us the very best of Oslo it was definitely a highlight for us. An eight hour lunch, in an overwhelmingly beautiful 1880's apartment impeccably renovated (T is an architect who truly loves his work... Monday mornings are a dream for him).   We also took a meander to Vigeland Park ..... which was definitely needed to make room for the second round! Tussen tukk. xx

You can take a walk around the park here and check out what a driven man Gustav Vigelands must have been.  He certainly produced an impressive amount of work in a short time.

The L.F. took us on a hike across town to experience 'true' Norwegian cuisine at Schroders Restaurant. He was determined to experience a slice of Harry Hole's world after reading the Jo Nesbo series. Stodgy Norwegian nosh and beers were the go!  The Apple Cake was a highlight for Z & me.

The L.F. rode 90km's on a hybrid bike, along the scenic route form Saltnes to Oslo, with a 68 year old, 6 time Olympian.....he agreed to the challenge after a couple of wines and it's definitely an experience he wont forget in a hurry.  Needless to say he was very quiet the following day.  Exhausted.

We visited the Viking museum, met up with a friend I hadn't seen in 12 years who has gone from a NY banker to house husband monk (he's loving life in Olso and couldn't be happier), climded the impressive Opera House, wondered the streets and lusted after the houses & managed to walk away from a store full of Norwegian ceramics in Grunerlokka without purchasing any! It took great restraint. Our time was short and there was soooo much more we would have loved to have seen here.....but what we managed in the time we had was perfect.


PS. I neglected to mention that a rather rambunctious games of tiggy in Olaf Ryes Plass, the adventure playground at Vigeland Sculpture Park and many a running race were also highlights of our Olso adventure!

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