Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NW London

The sun came out! While walking around Hamstead Heath we were blessed with sunshine. It totally changes the feel of London and I've been singing this, although replacing 'rain' for 'sunshine', ever since.

We spent a couple of days with our old friends from Melbourne and it was as fun and relaxing as we had hoped. There were lots of silly moments spent laughing in their kitchen.  It's amazing how 5 years can slip by and yet it feels like we were all sitting around only yesterday.  Nothing really changes with great friends.

Highlight being a backyard BBQ cooked to perfection by the Shanmeister, a trip to Primrose Hill, pub meals at The Stag & The Engineer, a movie on the couch and a few slow walks (well, not so slow.....) taken with Ladle.  The boys did escape for a few trips to the pub and the kids got along like old friends too.

Thanks for having us guys.  We really love you xoxoxox

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