Friday, 31 May 2013

Spring in London???

We are so fortunate to be housesitting a good friends house here in London (Thank you Ladle & B.F.) Jet-lag has had us walking the floor boards at all hours of the morning.  So it's been amazing to have a beautiful & familiar space (I've never been here before but I recognise so many of Ladle's things from her former life in Melbourne.  There are even, much younger looking, photos of us hanging in the hallway) to ourselves so we are not disturbing others..... or nodding off mid sentence around 6pm when they are eagerly returning from work.  It's been 6 years and we both have a child the other has never met before!  I haven't seen Milky (Ladle's eldest) since she was 15months and she is about to turn 7 in August!  Ladle and I can laugh about the most ridiculous things for hours on end.  So I imagine the L.F. & B.F. will be taking themselves off to the pub for a bit of down time!  It will be a mad house and I really am so excited about it.  Come on home guys we can't wait. xx

  • Ladle's early morning coffee pot, decaf of course.
  • Queens Park
  • Little Venice
  • Z's first Double Decker Bus trip. Such glee! Z's convinced it should be called 'Double Decker Town' rather than London.
  • Mastering the underground again.
  • TATE modern  although it was so crowded due to school holidays.  I'd love to sneak back on my own to see this.
  •  Southbank.  You could spend days down there wondering around and still not see everything.  It is such a fantastic space....Jubilee Gardens has a brilliant adventure playground...Queen Elizabeth Hall rooftop garden...London Eye, Hayward Gallery....
  • Wondering around London City.  The buildings are so beautiful. Mmmm, yes, we are Australian tourists!
  •  Z has been totally mesmorised by the street performers.   He gets quite involved and his enthusiasm for their act makes me laugh.   
Not loving:
  • the weather!  Really London, Spring?  I had to buy myself a jumper on the way to the supermarket yesterday. We expected to layer but didn't expect we would need wool!  Brrrrr.



Bruise Mouse said...

You are certainly packing a lot into the time you have. You all seem to have hit the ground running. x

Melinda Melou said...

Our days have been pretty relaxed. It's just so easy getting around on the underground. We are loving exploring, especially the parks! x


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