Thursday, 9 May 2013

Going on around here

Lists...... and yet more lists.
Went to see Beth Orton play here. Such a thrill.
Wondering how I manage this?
Cooked up some Mung Dahl from these guys.  Thank you BM, we're hooked.
Miffed as to why I can NOT find accommodation in Oslo? Ahhh.... Nor-Shipping Conference = huge crowds. Really?? Those damn vikings!
Researching travel insurance..... anyone else used TDI?
Loving it 'hot' lately.
A great evening here, with friends.
Tossing up Sri Lanka or Cambodia?
Plenty of comfort food. Tessa Kiros' Fish pie has been on the menu. Which means it's officially Autumn in my kitchen.
Eying off Emma Gale's artwork.
Craving sleep...which reminds me. I best be off.

Night, night

..... I'll be dreaming of lists .....


Bruise Mouse said...

So nearly went to see Beth Orton. (Another 'snap') We didn't fancy the idea of sitting on a pew for a few hours. We saw her a few years ago and loved her. Off to They Might Be Giants tonight which should be fab. I saw them about 20-odd years ago.
Glad you are loving the dahl. I just love their stuff. All so tasty.
It sounds like the travel plans are well and truly underway. How exciting!

Melinda Melou said...

Yes, my butt did need some serious movement to get the circulation moving again after sitting on the hard pews but it was well worth it. She was so humble and so very nervous, which I totally didn't expect.
2 weeks on Monday! Ahhhh, excited and a little frantic. x

Anna said...

Beth Orton would have been amazing. We went to Seeker Lover Keeper and Heavenly Sounds last year and it was great, although the pews.. not so much. I'd love to go see Laura Marling in July but she's not playing separate shows in Brisbane :(

Melinda Melou said...

Oh bugger about the Brissie shows. We are pretty spoilt down here for good gigs.... not that I seem to find the time to get to as many as I'd like these days. x


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