Monday, 13 May 2013

This time last year.

Happy Anniversary Al & Jen x

Repost from : Tuesday 15th May 2012

We spent the weekend in Sydney celebrating a wedding. The wedding was absolutely stunning. A beautiful couple in an incredibly breathtaking setting.
I fell in love with Sydney's East all over again. Autumn definitely is a beautiful time to be perch up above the streets of Surry Hills.
Morning tea at Neilson Park, a Mother's Day stroll around Centenial Park, a visit to Object Gallery to see the Women With Clever Hands exhibition, walking the streets of Paddington and meeting our new nephew for the first time, a lunch date with my cousin here, were amongst some of my favorite things.

There were some smaller but no less enjoyable moments like the chance meeting with a prophet behind the counter at the Salvos store on Crown Street (who gave me some rather sage advice on the Z man), spending a rainy spell bunkered down in the light filled space of Surry Hills library an incredibly beautiful public space, walking the back streets and discovering this, yum cha and of course Chee soon Fitzgerald, so many fabulous places...too many to mention but here's a snippet.

What were you doing this time last year??

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