Friday, 31 May 2013

Singapore stop over

  • the landscaping along the drive from Singapore airport to the city.  Z was most impressed by the 'tree tunnel' which ushered us into town.
  • swimming, after 9 hours on the plane, it was so refreshing. 
  • wearing thongs again...even if only for the night.
  • dinner at the Makansutra hawkers market.
  • watching a wrap-off in the under pass between the theatre (which looks like a giant puffa fish) and St Andrews Cathedral.  Boy, I wish I could move like that.
  • The ridiculousness of Singapore's kooky architecture. My favourite, however, was the completely tiled building above.
  • SLEEP!
Our stay was short and sweet but great to recalibrate before hopping back on the plane for the killer leg between Singapore & Heathrow.


Bruise Mouse said...

It looks like you have managed to fit a lot into the time in Singapore.
A dip in the pool seems like a great way to wash that plane feeling off.

Melinda Melou said...

Oh it's such a great way to flush that foggy feeling away. I highly recommend a stop over. xx


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