Monday, 16 April 2012

Underground New York Public Library

Happy Monday.

Today I am loving the Underground New York Public Library site. Where Ourit snaps daily photos of people riding the New York subway and gives a glimpse into what they're reading.

Take a peek at her site. If you're a book nerd, like me, it's bound to please. Ourit is not a trained photographer she studied Comparative Literature, Philosophy, and History and says 'I don’t consider myself a photographer. I’m versed in photographic technique. I’m conscious of the rules but I break them if the moment calls for it. Street Photography is an uncontrolled endeavor, especially underground, on moving trains, crowded platforms, and barely lit subways. My efforts are always towards producing high quality images. My priority though is to capture a glimpse of us, even if it means some image noise, blown pixels, or an unexpected visual ratio.'

Sounds a little familiar. xx

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