Monday, 29 August 2011

the weekend

My Saturday morning pedicure was a cross between pleasure and pain. Aspects of it really grossed me out... all that dead skin, for starters. Boy!
I love looking down on manicured, painted toes when I step out of the shower... But am I completely sold?
I'll do it again, for sure...maybe just not regularly.

We spent a gorgeous day yesterday in the country visiting friends. Z was in heaven. There was no shortage of entertainment for a wee man. Toy tip trucks, cars, dirt, dams, broken down cars and cracked tree stumps were amongst the favourites....oh, not to mention the compost toilet. A definite favourite of Z's he managed 3 toilet trips within the first hour!

For me, I'm not sure if it was the eclectic style of Vic & Jason's beautiful country house, Jason's bright, spacious & highly organised studio, the company or incredible food... Norweigan chocolate fudge cake & Vic's flourless orange cake did rate pretty high. Of course, I had to try both and...uh hum, my jeans do feel a little tighter today for the indulgence.

There's nothing like fresh country air to tucker you out. We were all exhausted last night. One hugely successful trip to the country restored out faith in country life and started us dreaming of a quaint little property....all over again.

Here's thanks to new pleasures & places. May your week bring both. xox


Melissa@vidastyle said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend, The lounger chair by the window looks perfect, would love to spend some time in a spot like that with a good book.

stupendous joy said...

It really was heavenly. The afternoon sun, a good book & a cup of tea would be perfect.


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