Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cooking makes us more human

Had Something to Say - Cooking from michael ruhlman on Vimeo.

I came across this great website White On Rice Couple yesterday while searching for a Salmon Corn Cakes recipe (it's a goodie, although I did substitute the parsley for celery top leaves,the breadcrumbs for almond meal and my salmon... was tinned).
The website is a collection of stories on food, life and travel told through photography. It offers up a visual smorgasbord....recipes, ideas, inspiring people, stunning photography. Todd Porter & Diane Cu have discovered the art of recording their passion for life & food and making it accessible.
They produced a couple of clips which came under the title of 'The Courage of Ideas' and this one above my Michael Ruhlman got me thinking...and made me smile. The idea of having at least one person in your tribe who likes to cook is a simple and beautiful way of looking at food and nourishing our place as humans in society. I hope you enjoy it too.
Food tastes so much better when made with love. xox

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