Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mrs Eliot Books...& her etsy adventure

The very clever Fran, from Mrs Eliot Books, is the featured etsian over on the etsy homepage today. I'm so terribly proud and excited for her. It's been lovely watching Fran develop her blog and etsy site into such a wonderful world...not only for us to enjoy but also for Fran.
Congratulations lovely lady. I love the fact that you write your blog to make you sister, Ladle, laugh too. That makes me so happy.

We look forward to seeing even more of you and your wonderful work around. xox


Francesca said...

thanks melinda! that's so so lovely. yep as long as the ladle's laughing i know i'm doing ok! x

stupendous joy said...

Pleasure Fran! I'm so excited for you. The ladle yard stick is a goodie. xo

ladle said...

the ladle is always laughing - at and with both of you!


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