Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Doin' the chickummyjig

We seem to be having a baby boom amongst our friends lately. Is it just me or do babies always seem to come in rushes...?
Z and I have been making a few toys. This chick, sunning itself in out back yard, was the culmination of this mornings joint crafting effort. The pattern is by Myrtle and Eunice. It's free and can be found here. This clucky chick is headed for baby Luke. Welcome wee man.

Thank you Myrtle and Eunice. xox


Tania said...

ALways fabulous to see a new Chickummyjig running about the blogosphere - he is a sweetie!

stupendous joy said...

Thank you! We love him too.

Melissa@vidastyle said...

He is very cute, I am sure baby Luke is going to love him!


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