Friday, 18 March 2011

A tribute

I've started this blog as a personal record of the everyday joys surrounding me in my simple, everyday life.

My lovely aunt died during the night. She's the fourth family member to die in the past few years. My Mum, 4 years ago, of Leukemia; my Aunty Dossie last year of Breast Cancer; my Nan -at the ripe old age of 89 - 3 months ago & Aunty Judy, last night, of a Brain Tumor. All totally loved ladies and they leave huge deficits in so many lives. Another huge deficit was left when a dear friend committed suicide, when I was in my late 20's. All of these people have played a huge part in shaping who I am and what makes me, Me.

Even though I am blessed with so many wonderful memories, with a beautiful husband and an incredible (almost) 3 year old son, life comes with heartache & loss. Days can be tough. It's a given.

We all have a choice to focus on our losses or see the beauty surrounding us right now.

Stupendous Joy is an account of all the things in life that make me laugh (hence the world stupendous!......there's something about the pretentiousness of the word I can't take seriously), smile & inspire. It is intended as a tribute to my family and dear friend...... and to all the love I have in my life right here, now!

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