Friday, 25 March 2011


We caught the tram into the city today. It was a huge adventure for The Little Man. The tram trip alone was enough to warrant our trip a sensational success, in his eyes.
However, I was keen to take a look at the State Library's current exhibition...titled...none other than, 'Look! the art of Australian picture books today'. It's a free exhibition on until the 29th May and I highly recommend a visit.
It's quite enchanting. I'd actually like to return, sans Little Man, to really take my time and appreciate these incredible illustrators, all with such differing styles.
My favorite illustrator, who I stumbled across recently at the local library (not literally, I mean her book, 'The Tomorrow Book'), is Sue de Gennaro. Sue's illustrations are just delightful. Collage is a medium dear to my heart and the way Sue has worked with completely recycled materials (all found in her home or studio) for The Tomorrow Book, is totally inspiring. Her blog 2lb elephant is an optical treat too.

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