Friday, 15 June 2012

Wallpaper picks... not so easy.

135/366: for individual expression. This really made me smile walking through a grey and solemn city street at 5pm yesterday. xox

Now... from fake flowers...... to wallpaper.
My brother is renovating his place and has asked for a list of wallpaper suppliers. There are so many incredible choices of hand printed wallpaper out there these days.
It sends my head into a spin. If I had to pick one which would it be?
Possibly Publisher Textiles Protea.....Ora Kiely's Flower Blossom (inspired by Fran) or Onsself's Anaglypta Math.... actually I give up. I can't choose. I've changed my mind already.

You? Which would you choose?

my little list of wallpaper link love:
Publisher textiles
Printink Studio
Sackcloth & Ashes
Signature Prints - Florence Broadhurst
Monomeith Designs
Porters Paint - handcrafted Wallpaper
Ora Kiely
Studio Nommo
French American
Miss Print
Hygge & West
lizzie allen
Grow House Grow
Kimberly Lewis Home
Farrow & Ball
Abigail Edwards
Gaston y Daniela

ps. Hope this list helps P & M...although I fear it may possibly confuse the matter slightly. Good luck.

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