Thursday, 22 December 2011

Our morning so far

-:I caught the early morning sunshine bathing these flowers while waiting for my jogging companions to arrive this morning. The light is amazingly beautiful at 6.30am this time of year. It has a way of speaking to you, coaxing you to see things. Little things. Things you ordinarily walk on by, at any other time of the day. I love the crisp clarity of early mornings and I'm so grateful to my friends for helping me establish this routine because it was originally met (and if I'm honest, still is, on occasion) with such resistance.
-:Our Christmas cakes all wrapped and ready for Z's teachers today. The fruit has been soaking for the last 2 months. I baked them last night....we sampled one this morning and I must say it was pretty darn good.
-: The necklaces Z & I made for his teachers....this one here rotates between me and Z's dress up box!
-: Batman appeared for dress up day today. It's Z's last day for 2011. Don't you just love the under pant line on this suit! Hilarious.

Here's an old Native American saying I love and am holding near to me as Christmas approaches. 'You should never judge another man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.'
As the frantic pace of Christmas accelerates and our frenetic selves tend to emerge it can be a handy thing to bare in mind....especially on Christmas Day.



p said...

LOVE the costume!! xx

stupendous joy said...

sweet! Z's lovin' himself silly in this costume. xx


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