Tuesday, 20 December 2011

70's Christmas vinyl

Back in the 70's my grade 2 teacher, Miss Minnahan, had a copy of this Evie album which she'd play in the classroom around Christmas. I was a little besotted with Miss M and I insisted we get a copy for home . The album was on continuous rotation in our house on Christmas day...right up until the late 90's. We weren't a particularly religious household but Evie definitely became a part of our Christmas tradition. I have no idea where the album ended up but no doubt the vinyl was almost worn through. "Come on ring those Bells, everybody sing" is etched into my brain and when i discovered it here on youtube it really made me smile.
It's far from the Christmas album I'm loving at the moment, A very She & Him Christmas. A collaboration between my all time favorite, M.Ward...and actor Zooey Deschanel. It's a heavenly little album. One I hope becomes a part of our family Christmas tradition.
Thanks Lise xo

Here's a little snippet.


ladle said...

i love she and him ladle, they always put a smile on my face! xx

stupendous joy said...

It's a little like...I love the way he... makes me smile every time too x


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