Sunday, 25 November 2012

Through the chaos

"Somewhere along the way the answer to the chaos became a quiet holy still."

I came across the above quote over at The Organic SisterIt once again sang out to me.  Thankfully the LF and I had a rare night off and a slower start to Sunday resulting in some time to be still-er than usual.  Bliss.  
I hope you managed some stillness in your weekend!!  The Christmas frenzy is slowly creeping in.  The challenge now is on to hold this mantra till the 25th December.   xx


cityhippyfarmgirl said...

M, I've got a big thank you for you. A good friend of mine has booked us in to a day spa after reading about it on your blog.... time to be still, and something to look forward to in the chaos....thank YOU!

Adventures with Dementia said...

Yay B, enjoy!! What a wonderful way to escape the chaos. Have a fabulous time. xx


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