Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Explosive material

Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.
Elliott Larson

I hate the feeling of being angry. It erodes the happiness I do have in my life. It distracts me from being here with the people I love. I don't hear what's going on under my nose or see what's happening in front of my eyes I'm quite literally raging a war, hurtling a thousand accusations in my head towards this...seemingly... demonic aggressor.

'When you make someone else wrong, you hold the energy of needing to correct, convince, control ,or change someone else (the 4 C’s as I call them). Someone should “be or do” the way you expect. Blaming, complaining, or condemning becomes acceptable.' Tiny Buddha.

It makes me a little sad to let go of my expectations (yes, I'll confess I had a dream of how it should be and I was holding onto that vision pretty damn tight determined to make it RIGHT.... ) but I'm here now pledging to let it go or risk creating vast amounts of discomfort not only for myself but those around me. My resistance is huge.  My back has given way (damn, our bodies never lie).  As dear old Albert Einstein put it 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.' So bye bye cycle of expectation-disappointment-anger-expectaion-disappointment-anger-expectation-disappointment-anger-expectation....

Hello to my focus on what 'is'....  you are going to be needed to keep me on track for this one..... those voices of distraction can be oh so tempting at times and that old tale of woe is so familiar it feels like a comfy pair of PJ's to slip into.

Here's to ...... totally unexpected outcomes and zero expectations.  The thought makes me feel a little queasy but let's face it, the only way is up, baby.

'Challenge yourself to truly pursue happiness in the way that it makes sense to you, even if that means defying expectations....'  Sunday Quotes.



Bruise Mouse said...

Snap! I know exactly what you mean. I think I am getting better at being calmer about things. I am trying to think more of the big picture. If something doesn't go the way I had planned, does it REALLY matter? Is everyone I care about ok? Do I have food, shelter and my gorgeous family around me? Sure my kitchen looks like a tip at the moment but we are all home together and happy. X
PS I love the quotes you included.

melindamelou @ stupendous joy said...

Thanks BM. Nice to share these thoughts and have a laugh about it really. So funny the way we can get so wound up on.... well, 'thoughts' when it comes down to it. How lucky we are right now. xx

Luxury villas byron bay said...

Nicely written post!! It is inspirational as well as very positive!

Melinda Melou said...

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. I should repost this occasionally as a little reminder to self. :)


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