Sunday, 15 July 2012

Things I am thankful for....

kindness & being able to express it. Not only to others but also myself. I opened a book and read a page randomly today and it was about kindness towards was the perfect page to be on. A little reminder, on days when I can be super critical of myself, helps.
It was a paragraph from Susannah Conway's book " This i know":.... 'So many of the difficult parts of our lives can be helped with a little kindness, and nowhere is that needed more than the way we view ourselves. If we cannot be kind to ourselves, how can we be kind to anyone else? It's easy to give love to my family and friends, but to then turn around and ridicule my own reflection so heartlessly surely takes the power out of the love I give.'

time to do some upholstery today while Z was off on a play date.

kid friendly entertainment, especially when it's fun for all. Fox & Sui played a crybaby session at RRR... 11.30am!

my Dad.

the beauty of age. These Morton Bay Fig trees are so beautiful. They remind me that just like our own natural beauty, if nurtured, we have the potential for exceptional beauty in old age.

the silly things in life. I was reading an article about feeding children preservative free, organic etc etc and at the bottom they recommended a lady who specialized in 'panty' makeovers... A simple typo... panty/ pantry.... I see how it happened and I am so thankful it did because it totally cracked up.... Childish humor is so underrated.
Anyone for a little panty makeover ....or some organic fruit??

completing jobs! I love the sense of achievement that comes when I complete a job. Especially one that's been on my mind....

I know I said no words for July...but all of these words go into my Gratitude project so it's just as easy to share them here too. I'd love to know what made you grateful last week. x


cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I'm grateful for blue skies, stretching time, a nearby cafe.... and reading your post! Thanks for the chuckle, no panty makeover needed today thanks :-)

melindamelou @ stupendous joy said...

Thanks Brydie! I'm glad it made you chuckle too.... although a panty makeover could be the go here. Stretching and a nearby cafe, yes! They'd make my list too. x


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