Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ahoy there me hearties.

A photo a day as part of this. here's the last week. xox
music. You can't beat the energy of a live gig. The shins, Festival Hall.

time spent with friends and the colour they add to our lives. The connections, generosity and humor of these friendships is so, so gratefully accepted.

the reminder that with doing something everyday, comes strength. Meditation, gratitude, exercise, ..... What's your prayer?

gifts and afternoons spent building Lego with my little man. My Dad returned from his trip to Vietnam with 'Pirate' Lego for z & a gorgeous bag and scarf for me. Love them, thank you.

beautiful fabric. I dressed in my brightest outfit to give me some oomph. Gastro! Blah.

playfulness. Our library has installed a self scanning check out and one of the the language options is 'Pirate speak'.... Shiver me timbers!

Z's determination. He carried this big stick all the way home. After strategising the fastest route, two rest stops and a lot of panting, he made it.

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