Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Holiday eyes

Taken in Turkey on a past holiday. Looking with holiday eyes out of Aya Sofya towards the Blue Mosque.

Our beloved Hipeastrum has flowered. I'm looking forward to all of the tropical flowers up North.

It's the final countdown. We're heading up north to the tropical top end for a little pre-summer sun (fingers crossed) and I can't wait.
The last 2 weeks seem to have been high intensity with one terribly sore toe, inflamed tonsils, countless doctors appointments and a rather frazzled and exhausted household. We're all ready to recharge.

Thankfully.... the sun shines on and life always looks sweeter by the beach. Flip flops, sun dresses, sun hats, books and nowhere to be. My favorite kind of holiday.

Here's a little link love I'd like to share with you while I'm lovin' life in FNQ.

This Norwegian real estate site with the most incredible houses.

The thought of Z & I doing our own yoga session this summer inspired by this.

Wishing I'd spent hours with this House Doctor instead.

All the sweetness here.

Adding this wrap to my knit list.

Watching this or reading it. They're both great.

These gorgeous Charley Harper colouring books.

Now I must dash and finish the packing and cleaning. We have friends staying while we're away so it's a double whammy....usually I leave the house in a state to be dealt with on my return but I must say there is something lovely about totally clearing out before a holiday.
May our friends be happy here in our house & you all have an enjoyable time of it while I'm away.

Much love xoxox


Melissa@Vidastyle said...

Hope you have a fabulous break and rest up. We too have had a sick household the past 2 weeks, hoping all will be better soon.

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Hope you are having a wonderful trip away and come back relaxed, energised and recharged.

jen said...

Oh i've just seen i'm in your link list! Thank you so much. Hope you are having a wonderful break. Looking forward to seeing all your pics!

stupendous joy said...

Thank you ladies. We are home for our holiday and totally relaxed. It's so great to have time out.
Melissa I hope your house has recovered and sleep restored.
Jen it's a pleasure! What a beautiful site you have. Thank you.


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