Monday, 4 April 2011

Not so...Crafty Monday

Today was one of those days when the stars didn't align for crafting. Instead I picked up my new Mac computer!
I've previously been a PC girl, all by default really. I stumbled into an office job and then another until I was completely immersed in Microsoft. I've longed for a good excuse to buy a Mac.....not sure the excuse is so good....or that I even have one for that matter but here we are, my Mac & I, and I'm pretty darn chuffed.
I've just set him up and I'm eager to explore all sorts of wonderful things but I'm having trouble working out the how do I cut and paste on a Mac?
It's a little like dating someone who doesn't speak english.....the language of love is a wonderful thing...but if you can't communicate the basics, well, things can get a little frustrating.

This gorgeous gum was a beacon, heralding it's beauty amidst the dreariness of a bleak Melbourne morning, this morning. How could I just walk on by (uh oh now I've done it, Dionne Warwick's 'Walk on By' is on repeat in my head).

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