Thursday, 13 December 2012

Crazy good

We spent a gorgeous morning sheltering from the scorching sun under an elm tree at Ripponlea Estate yesterday.  The story time program they run is fun.  Fairy Adele definitely has a way with little people...... even little lads who are not very much into 'fairies!.... Blaahhh'.

I've been 'practicing' the law of least effort around here this Christmas.  It's amazing how engrained my frenetic propensity is at Christmas time.   Every now and then I feel things speed up, my adrenaline kicks in and I'm off on a tangent making lists and thinking of odd jobs I must do before Christmas...... when.... really?........  Breathing and holding firm to this would be a lot smarter.

I hope you're able to cruise through Christmas this year, doing less and accomplishing more.  It really is crazy good, rather than crazy nuts!


PS. Instead of hitting the stores Jonah & the Girl have 25% of and free express delivery between 13-24th. Using promo code 'HAPPYCHRISTMAS' now there's least effort, maximum results right there.  Yippee.

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