Thursday, 3 May 2012

FOMO....fear of missing out

I stumbled across this FOMO article over at Zen habits yesterday and it really struck a cord. 'Fear of missing out'. It seems to be a syndrome rife in out current culture. Have you noticed, or is it just me?
I know I'm often driven to check my email, phone and Facebook way more than necessary...... for what?....FOMO.... in what? I don't feel any more fulfilled once I have checked, in fact checking seems to breed a compulsion to check again, oh and again.... and just one last time.
Step away from the phone. There really is absolutely nothing going on that is more important than being, well, real.... here & now. That's one big note to self BTW.(Just thought I'd throw another acronym in for fun).

I certainly didn't miss out on this great find yesterday! $5 from the op shop.
It totally transports a dreary autumn outfit into something, dare I say, quite noticeable.
There was absolutely no fear of missing out on this little beauty.

I love it. x


Dharma Mama said...

I finally read the FOMO article and loved it, thx for sharing. I've been thinking lately how my phone has made my days and my mind busier. Time to step back and be present...I've been driving my partner and son crazy taking photos I being present or distancing myself from the moment taking so many photos? X

Adventures with Dementia said...

I hear you totally DM. I've been thinking the same about my photos. When it interferes in being attentive and present it's definitely FOMO when it's a conscious choice and given time and space it's expression.

Adventures with Dementia said...

Well that's my theory for now. Xx


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