Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bring back a bit of Berlin

Longing for a bit of Berlin this week.  Smith Street was as close as I came to feeling anywhere near it and I must say I was pretty delighted to be there.
This Ramen store was a highlight (Thanks Sally!!).  I'm hoping to get back for another bowl over the weekend.  I tried both the pork.....& the cashew (shared them with my friend... just in case you're thinking oink, oink).  They were seriously amazing!!
I also LOVE that Big Dreams have opened a new store in the old bead shop on Smith Street. Do you remember that Melbourne relic?
Pined over a couch in Modern Times and made a purchase at the Smith St Bazar.  A Christmas present that's so spot on (or so I'm hoping).
Loving this list of Melbourne vinyl stores to help arm me for some serious summer sounds these holidays.
Enjoyed Ron Gutman's TED talk on Smiling & Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, talk on "the gentle power" of gratefulness.

I've established a weekly ritual where I listen to an interview, while cooking, over at On Being.  This weeks interview was with Matthew Samford, The Body's Grace.  It's a beautiful interview on the mind-body connection.  Matthew is an author and yoga teacher.....who has been a paraplegic since the age of 13.  Describing it as 'inspiring' seems a little lame. His experience is mind-blowingly profoud.  I'm hoping his book will be in my Santa stocking this Christmas. No subtlety there, hey LF?

The countdown begins tomorrow.  Hope you have your advent calendar at the ready. Let the fun begin xx


Bruise Mouse said...

Totally understanding that longing feeling. Happens very often here too.
Thanks for the On Being link. Sounds wonderful.
Smith Street sounds like the place to be. Might (fingers crosses) be heading your way next year.

Adventures with Dementia said...

Oh fingers crossed BM. You're welcome to crash in our spare room. Would be lovely to see you again.
Not long now until your big adventure. I'm so excited for you. xx

Suzy said...

Hi there,
I hope the new year is being good to you so far.
I was wondering if you could email me the link to your Berlin Air BnB (if they still rent it out) - we are planning a trip there for later this year, and the place you stayed sounded child friendly and fabulous.

Adventures with Dementia said...

Thanks Suzy! Things have been very slow here. I hope your plans are coming along. Thanks for emailing me directly as clearly I've been quite neglectful of this space. xx


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