Thursday, 4 July 2013

Where the streets have long names.

I ditched the fellas for a day and did a tour with these guys yesterday (the LF did a tour on Sunday...more history based.....not so much my thing.  He's also off to do this on Friday night which should be interesting!!).  It was a bit of fun to get out in the city solo, conquer the transport system and my fear of me 'non sprecken zie deutche' (makes me feel like I'm in a bad B-grade movie when I say this!).
My tour guide was a gorgeous young Berliner who has grown up in Prenzlauer Berg...... spent a year in Australia and has fallen for a Aussie Lass who has returned to the land of Oz, much to his dismay.

Anyway, he was a wealth of information....none of which I will spout off here for fear I'll jumble it all together, Chinese whispers style.  Suffice to say it's a fascinating city full of intrigue.  The more you know about this place the more you want to know.  If it wasn't for the winters here I would definitely be keen to spend a lot more time getting to know this place.

Here's a little insight into Berlin's street art.  Which is endlessly apartment.  I also love the dialogue these artists have with the people on the street.  El Bocho's Lucy was a favourite.  Wherever you find Lucy there will be a cat somewhere within the next 2 blocks. It's based on a cartoon Bocho watched as a kid however with a slight twist.  The cats in this series, unfortunately, have all come to an untimely end at the hand of Lucy.....a little grim but I loved them.

We ended the tour here in Jamaica.  Which was kind off fun too.

Today was spent park hopping and shopping but that's another post.


Bruise Mouse said...

Thanks! Now I have U2 on the brain.
So glad you are having a wonderful time. Have you managed to get to the biergarten next to the playground?

Adventures with Dementia said...

Oh sorry. Me too.... although I have Stay on the brain after showing Z the flim clip of where we walked yesterday around theTier garten. No, we haven't been to that beer garden yet. It's on the list still. We are hoping to head there tomorrow afternoon and then hit some more flea markets on Sunday. x


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