Thursday, 14 February 2013

Being Human

It's week 3 of the edcmooc and I am swimming in a stream of video footage, articles and tweets concerning the human experience & technology. I really enjoyed Steve Fuller's TEDx lecture on Defining Humanity. I have to say he delivered a very relatable view of our 'human' experience, past & present.
I also loved this mini film, They're Made Out of Meat, created by the New York Film Academy. I've never been much of a cy-fi geek but the reference to man as 'meat' cracked me up. Oh, the disdain and the fact that they were completely intrigued and yet quite repulsed by the physical nature of the said 'meat'. I thought it was a great play on the egocentric superiority of the human species and a very quirky reminder that reality really is a matter of perspective..... & just how subjective that reality is.

The above image is my entry into the week 3 competition to create an image that represents or illustrates any one of the themes we have come across in the course so far..... voting is over on the Flickr group. Pop on by, I'd love your support. x

Be my digitally artifact-ed Valentine?

I'm practicing making digital artifacts for the edcmooc and thought I'd try my hand at a little Valentine's Day clip for my boys using Animoto.

Happy Valentine's Day beautiful people.



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